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HfC-Hafnium carbide

  • Molecular weight: 190.4
  • Colour: gray
  • Theoretical carbon content: 6.30%
  • Free carbon: <0.05%
  • Density: 12.7g/cm3
  • Boiling point: 3890ºC
■ Specifications

HfC (6.4%C) has the appearance of grey powder with NaCl cubic crystal structure. It has the highest melting point (3890) in single compound. Its density, volume resistivity and thermal expansion coefficient is 12.7g/cm3, 1.95×10-4Ω·cm(2900),and 6.73×10-6/, respectively.

Hafnium carbide powder is manufacture high technology and new technology domain and so on high performance hard alloy, aerospace, atomic energy, electronic, coating, flinty thin film and metallurgy automation key materials.Very suitable for rocket nozzle, can make to return to the atmosphere space rocket nose cone parts. Used in ceramic industry, etc. 

The hafnium carbide compound by our company based on new techniques is featured with high purity, even size distribution, large specific area, high surface activity and low apparent density, etc., based on which, powder materials of coarse-grain hafnium carbide and 45-nanometer hafnium carbide are core products. (Test report, please see the right picture)

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