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TiCN-Titanium carbonitride

  • Molecular weight: 59.9-61.9
  • Density: 6.0-6.8g/cm3
  • Melting point: 2950°C
  • Microhardness HV30: 1400-1750
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■ Specifications

TiCN powder combines the advantages of both TiC powder and TiN powder, it exhibits high melting point, high hardness, wear resistance, oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, etc., and has good thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity and chemical stability. It is widely used in cutting tools, powder metallurgy and metal ceramic products.

Performance characteristics:

1. High solid solubility and stable phase composition: XRD detects no impurity phase, GDMS detects low metal impurity element content;

2. Small particle size: the smallest particle size is 0.1-0.5um;

3. Concentrated distribution: standard normal particle size distribution, no double peaks or multiple peaks.



■ Technical Data


TiCN-technical parameters-
Size Distribution Report of TiCN powder_00
XRD of TICN solid solution


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