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Nano-TiB2:Titanium diboride

  • color: black
  • Density: 4.52
  • Melting point: 3225 °C
  • form: powder
  • :
  • :
■ Specifications

 Product overview:Nano-TiB2 is a gray-black hexagonal crystal or powder with excellent overall performance, excellent thermal stability, oxidation resistance and electrical conductivity. Nano-TiB2 (Nano-TiB2) is used for hot-pressed ceramic products that require good electrical conductivity, industrial aluminum electrolytic cell cathode coating materials, hot-pressed titanium diboride + boron carbide composite bulletproof ceramic inserts, diboride Titanium-based cermet materials.

Performance characteristics:Nano-TiB2 has the characteristics of high purity (no impurity phase detected by XRD), small particle size (50nm), large specific surface area, and high surface activity.

Precautions:This product should be stored in a cool and dry room to avoid heavy pressure. During use, it shall not be exposed to the air to avoid moisture absorption and agglomeration, which will affect the dispersion performance and use effect. Unpacked products shall be sealed or stored in vacuum.


■ Technical Data


tem of nano-tib2 titanium diboride
size distribution report of TiB2 Titanium diboride -(0.22um)20200518_00
size distribution report of TiB2(D50=0.5um)-2020.06.08_00


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