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CrN-Chromium nitride

  • Molecular weight: 66
  • Colour: gray
  • Nitrogen content: 8-20%
  • Density: 6.1g/ cm3
  • Melting point: 2100℃
  • Boiling point: 3250℃
■ Specifications

    Chromium nitride has the appearance of a taupe brown powder and cubic system structure of NaCl type, CrN is stable to water, acid and alkali. As an excellent steel alloy additive, chromium nitride has excellent physical and mechanical properties, with better friction resistance than titanium nitride. It is the only anti-ferromagnetic material among the nitrides,enjoying extensive application prospect.

    The chromium nitride compound by our company based on new techniques is featured with high purity, even size distribution, large specific area, high surface activity and low apparent density, etc.

■ Technical Data



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